A Day Trip to New York City

Hello everyone! Thanks for clicking on my first blog post. I figured this would be a great way for me to share all my photos and insights about my recent trip to New York City. I was there Wednesday-Saturday with the Ohio State University Chapter of the Public Relations Student Society of America. Huge shoutout to this professional organization for planning this trip! Keep reading to learn more about my first time in New York.

9:30am—Landed at LaGuardia Airport in New York City.


I recommend flying in and out of LGA if possible! It’s a much nicer and cleaner airport than JFK. Fun fact, it was also named after the mayor of New York during the Great Depression!

10am—My first subway ride

If this is your first time in NYC, like me, riding the subway has to be on your bucket list. It’s a very convenient way to get around the city and is way more cost effective than always calling an uber. I recommend using Google Maps, which will tell you specifically what entrance, train, and exit you should use.

11am—Empire State Building


Coming straight off the subway, this was my first glimpse of the Empire State Building! My hotel was conveniently located on 35th ave nearby, so if I ever was lost, I tried to follow my way back to the Empire State Building.

1pm—Grand Central Station

Another fun fact—I had no idea Grand Central Station was functioning. I expected it to be like an unused train station. I was pleasantly surprised to see the heavy hustle and bustle inside.

1:30pm—Rockefeller Center

I walked from Grand Central Station to Rockefeller Center. It was a good way to orient myself around the city. I also happened to pass Trump Tower (eye roll) and was able to take in all the beautiful architecture. After seeing the composure of Manhattan on the plane, I was at first a little disappointed there wouldn’t be as many skyscrapers as I had assumed. I literally thought all of New York City was covered in them. When walking around Midtown, however, you definitely feel like an ant.


Rockefeller Center was honestly one of the most extravagant shopping plaza I have ever seen. Everything was coated in gold—how glamorous. Here is also the iconic skating rink that sits beneath the Rockefeller building.

I then went to lunch at by CHLOE. This is an all vegan restaurant and we share the same name, so I had to go. This was my second time at the restaurant (my first time was summer 2018 in Boston) and it was just as good! Featured below is my sweet potato mac & cheese with shiitake mushroom bacon.

2:30pm—Central Park

Central Park was honestly breathtaking. Here are some of my favorite monuments I found while walking along the park. I also included a snapchat I took of the Central Park Zoo! Growing up in Ohio, I’ve never seen a zoo in the middle of a city or even within a park. I wasn’t able to see any animals from the street side, but I’m sure it’s quite lively there during the summer.

3:15pm—The Met

I’m incredibly proud of my photoshop skills on this image. If you’re interested in the original photo, check out my Instagram story!

I’m incredibly proud of my photoshop skills on this image. If you’re interested in the original photo, check out my Instagram story!

The Metropolitan Museum of Art was highly recommended and also featured on Gossip Girl, so I made the hike uptown. It was entirely worth it. I discovered Louis Comfort Tiffany’s stained glasswork and Frederic Edwin Church’s The Aegean Sea. I would have to say the painting section of the Met was definitely my favorite part. One of the best parts was walking into the gallery and being able to see the famous Washington Crossing the Delaware. Even from the back of the gallery, I could see just how much detail was put into the piece. Fun fact: this painting is about 12 feet by 21 feet, which is much bigger than any APUSH textbook made it out to be.

Also in the American wing, they had Frank Lloyd Wright’s living room. It was definitely not something I expected and I was surprised there weren’t more triangles included in the décor. Shoutout to my high school calculus teacher for always talking about him!

5pm—Times Square


I would have to say, going to Times Square is easily the most touristy thing to do in New York. Considering I went when it was about 10 degrees out, it wasn’t as packed as usual. However, it’s just a bunch of huge flashing billboards and tons of shops. I would love to visit again when the weather is warmer and people watch!

7pm—Knicks Game at Madison Square Garden


Finally, I ended the day by going to a Knicks game! This was my first professional NBA game and I was very excited to be in Madison Square Garden for two reasons: the first thing I saw when I walked in was a picture of 2012 Justin Bieber and the iconic scene from How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days. I remember distinctly asking my friends if celebrities even come to see the Knicks play (they’re having a bad season) and a few moments later J. Cole popped up on the big screen. That was the highlight of the game—considering the Knicks lost!

That sums up my first day in New York! Comment down below any feedback you have on my first blog post and your favorite place you’ve traveled to.